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Trade Parts:

Jaguar Land Rover Trade Parts is the place for our approved Trade Parts Members to read the most up-to-date news and benefit from exclusive offers on genuine parts.

Interested in joining the Jaguar Land Rover Trade Parts programme? All Specialists, independent motor traders and technicians are welcome.

If you’re a Jaguar or Land Rover owner looking for parts or accessories, please head to the Jaguar or Land Rover website.


Our network of Jaguar & Land Rover Trade Parts nationwide, with expert knowledge and the highest service standards, are working hard to help service all of your Trade Parts requirements.

Opening hours and delivery schedules are currently impacted, however many of our Retailers are currently operating and looking forward to delivering a service to you to keep your business servicing its customer needs.

Our 5-point promise to you

  • Genuine parts manufactured to uncompromising standards
  • Two-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Stock availability to achieve same day / next day delivery
  • Competitively priced
  • Knowledge and expertise to ensure right parts, first time every time

Guaranteed Performance with 2 years warranty

Classic Parts

Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts maintain and preserve every iconic Jaguar and Land Rover, giving the vehicles glorious past the best possible future.

Classic Genuine Parts are not mere reproductions. They are accurate recreations of the originals, engineered by our passionate craftsmen, who create parts to precise technical specifications and tolerances.

Work with state-of-the-art technology, original drawing and tooling, to ensure our Classic parts provide perfect fit every time.

All Classic Genuine parts are covered by 2-year warranty.

Genuine Jaguar & Land Rover parts

Genuine Jaguar & Land Rover Parts are designed, tested and manufactured according to our uncompromising standards. Each part is made to deliver optimum performance and maximise our vehicle lifespans.

When you choose Genuine Parts, you are choosing parts crafted from original plans and made with the same tools and equipment that built our vehicles.

With testing at this level, you can have complete confidence in fit, quality, durability and function. Suspension components sustain agility and dynamic handling, brake pads & discs deliver astounding stopping power and air filters ensure optimal engine performance.

All tested without exception, every part is covered by our two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Because 100% performance demands it.

Remanufactured Jaguar & Land Rover parts

Every remanufactured part is still 100% Jaguar & Land Rover and delivers matchless performance. Once they are in your hands, you should not be able to tell a new part from a remanufactured part until you notice the price.

While remanufacturing uses 80% less energy and avoids using raw materials, we still subject every component to the same rigorous testing our new parts receive.

They are only approved when our engineers cannot tell them apart, which explains why they are covered by the same two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

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